First Seminar is a Huge Success

The first-ever Retiring Backwards! seminar on Saturday Jan. 17th was a huge success. Tonya was pleased with the turnout—35 women and men from all walks of life and all ages—business owners, corporate executives and solo professionals—came together to hear how they too can create a powerful and effective plan for their own "retirement." This, as they soon learned, can also mean finding a second career, one that offers them complete freedom and control over the rest of their lives, personally and professionally.

Rave "reviews" on the evaluation forms indicated that all attendees were highly satisfied with the content of the event and that it even, as several said, "Exceeded expectations." Many also indicated they were interested in taking one or one or more of the six Retiring Backwards Intensives that would focus specifically on each of the Six Strategies for becoming gainfully unemployed. (Click on Seminars/Events for additional information on these, on the next Retiring Backwards all day seminar, and on individual Life Coaching sessions with Tonya).

The Retiring Backwards Journal and Workbook that each attendee received was also a resounding success and provided a step-by-step blueprint for self-discovery. The Workbook was used throughout the day and is also meant to be revisited regularly to keep participants actively focused on their new mission after the event.

As one participant put it, "Tonya's mentoring was so powerful, and the interactivity so eye-opening, I could have stayed for a week. Now I know what I need to do and how to go about doing it!"

If you have not yet signed up for one of the upcoming seminars, we hope you will join us—and bring people you care about to join you on this unique journey that is already creating a new paradigm for retirement.

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Tonya Hinch is a Life Coach and a former Fortune 500 Executive who discovered how to position herself to be Gainfully Unemployed. Now she shares The Six Strategies that put her in this enviable position.

Retiring Backwards!
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Tonya Hinch,
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